15.11.2021 06:45

Vacational education, self-improvement education, entrepreneurship education supported by KOSGEB and KOSGEB consultancy are provided by Mus Alparslan University Continuing Education Center.

‘Everyone is entitled to Well and Quality Education’

Mus Alparslan University Continuing Education Center rapidly carries on one’s stuides in order to acquire and continue transition and innovation in the field of Economic, Socail, Artistic and Scientific with the training activities. Mus Alparslan University Continuing Education Center believes that lectures have to do their own part in order to work emendately for all these . In Addition, Mus Alparslan University Continuing Education Center is on course for successfully realised their vision of being a pioneer in this regard by adding new activities on current one’s in an attempt to equip youth in terms of Education, Vocational Education and Skilled labour.

As a result of research conducted by Mus Alparslan University Continuing Education Center provides hands on training where the needs of jobseekers and employers cannot be fulfilled. And CEC determines to form a platform for trainees  getting into a job in a fieled of related subjects and position in which they are trained.

Our Mission is to convey the knowledge and the experience of our University’s valuable Academics and Member of Proffesional to all needer in the society. And to raise the productivity and quality of employees operating organization in both the public and private sectors. CEC arrange training that will create behavioral change in accordance with the corporate identity and philosophy  works by inspection behaviorwith in the process. Furthermore, CEC performs an analysis in policy, procedure and application problems management, personnel, production, marketing, finance-foreign trade of the companies. Lastly CEC offers solution on the mentioned issues, makes a future plan and informs in-depth information.

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